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Imagine if all your tools came with an expert

January 21, 2020

Think about all the tools we utilize on a daily basis. Exercise Equipment, Appliances, Shopping Carts, Lawn Mowers and the list goes on. There are literally thousands of different tools we interact with on a daily basis. Some of these tools we love using. But some of these tools we would freely admit that we don't fully understand or maybe even dread using. Imagine if your tools came with an expert? What would your life look like if the cost of the tool included an expert who you had at your disposal to help you utilize the tool?

Every morning when you roll out of bed and head down to the basement, your excessively energetic personal trainer is waiting for you. Startled! You remember the new treadmill you bought way back in January after making your resolute New Year's Resolution! After the best workout you ever had, you head up to the bathroom to shower. Waiting for you is your esthetician who directs you to the massage table you forgot you purchased and expertly applies that new facial scrub you recently bought from one of your many friends who sell it. After showering you head down to the kitchen, refreshed and energized you decide to go with a smoothie and much to your surprise, there is a real-life Ninja, chunking fruit and vegetables, blending these in the Ninja Food Processor that you also purchased in January! What a glorious morning!

Exercised, manicured, and fed you head to the garage door. And can you believe it? There is a semi-retired cute old man with a cute black hat waiting with his hand on your passenger door ushering you into your new BMW X5 that you purchased last month. Off to work you go!

Upon your arrival, your friend Larry or Lorraine (this is your fantasy) reminds you that it is the last day of open enrollment. Like every year, you have procrastinated because you dread everything paper and everything financial. You don't understand it, you don't know what you have privately, you don't know what your spouse has, you don't know what you need, you don't know what you want, you don't have all the information you need to complete it, you don't know what emergencies or opportunities will come up. You feel stressed, unsure, annoyed...and then you realize... I am here and it all melts away.

This whole story is likely a stretch for most of us. But the part that is not a stretch is the ending. Myself and my Advisors at Thoroughbred Advisors are the easy button for our clients. We create habits, implement tools, driven by a strategy designed to help you create Financial Security and eventual prosperity. We cannot work your 9-5 or your business, but we can help take the pain, stress, confusion and uncertainty out of your financial lives and decision making. We work in one of the few industries where the tools can come with an expert to help you apply them in such a way that you get optimal results based on what you value and what your goals are. If you are not fully taking advantage of that...I would encourage you to reach out to your Financial Advisor or Representative. If you would like a second opinion...we would be honored to give that...with no cost or obligation! Happy rest of your week!