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Financial Solutions By Occupation

At Thoroughbred Advisors, we help our clients take full advantage of the benefits offered to them by their employers. Certain financial planning strategies are common to everyone but we have recognized that many occupations have challenges and opportunities unique to them. No matter what your job is, whether you are a teacher or administrator in New York State looking for pension maximization strategies, or a business owner looking for strategies to mitigate your tax exposure, we can help educate you on strategies and opportunities that may be of particular interest to you.

Common Occupations We Provide Financial Solutions and Services For 

Financial Planning for Teachers

Financial planning for teachers is essential. Teachers are so busy with their students that they sometimes can neglect their financial security. That is why we here at Thoroughbred Advisors work with teachers like you to maximize the financial opportunities available to you.

Solutions for Teachers

Financial Planning for New York State Law Enforcement

Often in their 40’s, many of our New York State Police Officers, and Troopers find themselves faced with some of the biggest financial decisions they will ever make. That is why many of our clients reached out to us for help. Our financial representatives are here to serve you the way you serve all of us on a daily basis.

Solutions for Law Enforcement

Financial Planning for Doctors

You do what you do because you love helping people. Let us help make sure you have a financial strategy that reflects the hard work you've put in on a daily basis and can sustain the lifestyle you've become accustomed to for years to come.

Solutions for Doctors

Financial Planning for Business Owners

We applaud the drive and commitment of small business owners like yourself. While you manage the day to day of your business, Thoroughbred Advisors are here to take care of you and your financial strategy for the future decisions you'll have to make.

Solutions for Business Owners

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Financial Solutions by Major Life Events

When life changes in a small or big way, so do your financial needs. Discover how we can help you prepare financially for major milestones. 

Solutions by Life Events

Our Services

Discover the wide array of services we offer our clients. Including Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Investment Management, Life Insurance and more. 

Our Services

Our Process

We are a process and solution driven independent firm, not a product-driven one. We craft individualized financial strategies for each and every one of our clients. 

Our Process

Who We Are

Thoroughbred Advisors is represented by a growing team of Financial Representatives and Financial Advisors serving the Capital Region and beyond. Discover what makes us a unique independent advisory firm.

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