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Financial Planning for Business Owners

Why Work With Thoroughbred Advisors?

As a business owner, your income may be seasonal or come in larger chunks. Our planning allows you to take advantage of those times of plenty, while leaving liquidity for future challenges and opportunities.

Financial Solutions and Services We Provide Business Owners

Custom Retirement Plans and Investment Strategies

You lay it on the line everyday.  Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but you keep coming.  You perhaps have the most flexibility of all those we serve but must create your own retirement plans and benefits.  Many of our business owners put all of their excess money back into their business. We say to all our business owners that we don’t believe you will ever make a better investment than that in yourself.  With that being said, do you have an exit strategy? Have you done the planning to ensure your business lives beyond you? This doesn’t happen by accident and the longer you wait, the more limited your options often become. 

Protection for the Future

The buck stops with you.  If you stop, the bucks likely stop coming in!  We can help protect you through various insurances like Disability Income Insurance, Overhead Expense Insurance, Life Insurance and Key Man Insurance.

Planning Ahead with a Proper Buy-Sell Agreement

Do you have a Buy Sell Agreement?  You may say yes, but when we investigate many of our clients Buy Sell Agreements, we find that they are not funded.  If a death or disability happens for a partner, an unfunded buy sell agreement may spell the end for your business or the lack of funds to buy out the surviving spouse.

Benefits of a Financial Advisor for Small Business Owners

Save Money

Many small business owners might not know that they’re overspending in certain areas of their businesses. A small business financial advisor can evaluate your business finances and see where you can cut unnecessary costs.

When you save money, you have more capital to invest back into your business and expand it by:

  • Hiring more employees
  • Exploring new marketing tactics
  • Releasing new products

Save Time and Energy

While you’re running your business operations, a financial advisor can help keep the capital flowing, as well as help you develop a plan for what to do with that capital. When you spend time performing functions that are not among your core abilities, you deny your business the expertise it needs.

Help Executing Your Business Plan

When you write your business plan, you have great ideas about where you want to take your business. A financial advisor can help you bring those ideas to life by creating comprehensive financial plans that take your goals into account. They can also provide you with some much-needed clarity, focusing your vision and helping you to take your business in the right direction for stability and growth.

Running a business can be all-consuming, leaving little time to plan for your financial future and your family’s security. We can help you make sure that your personal finances are in order and that you’re able to reap the financial benefits and tax advantages that business ownership may afford.

Other Occupations We Provide Financial Solutions and Services For 

Financial Planning for Teachers

Financial planning for teachers is essential. Teachers are so busy with their students that they sometimes can neglect their financial security. That is why we here at Thoroughbred Advisors work with teachers like you to maximize the financial opportunities available to you.

Solutions for Teachers

Financial Planning for New York State Law Enforcement

Often in their 40’s, many of our New York State Police Officers, and Troopers find themselves faced with some of the biggest financial decisions they will ever make. That is why many of our clients reached out to us for help. Our financial representatives are here to serve you the way you serve all of us on a daily basis.

Solutions for Law Enforcement

Financial Planning for Doctors

You do what you do because you love helping people. Let us help make sure you have a financial strategy that reflects the hard work you've put in on a daily basis and can sustain the lifestyle you've become accustomed to for years to come.

Solutions for Doctors

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