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Experienced Financial Advisors

Looking to Switch to an Independent Financial Advisory Firm?

Experienced Advisors often have similar reasons for considering independent firms. Below is a list of reasons we regularly encounter...

  1. Desire to own your book of business.
  2. More competitive compensation and benefits.
  3. A more robust training program to advance your career and get in front of more clients.
  4. An opportunity to partner with less experienced Advisors.
  5. Freedom of thought and the ability to put your clients interest first.

It is important to remember that Thoroughbred Advisors was founded by Conor Boyd who spent the first decade of his career with a Fortune 500 company.  When he left to create Thoroughbred Advisors he did so with the vision of addressing many of the things he felt were lacking at the larger national firms. Some thrive in that environment but many feel there might be something more. Connect with us to learn more about our opportunities. If you don’t choose us, we would be honored to be your first, second choice. Regardless of the company you represent, we have a deep love for our industry and those who work tirelessly to help others.

How We Work with Experienced Advisors

Start the Contracting Process

Start the Contracting Process

Work closely with our Director of Selection and Development and our Managing Partner to decide which affiliation option is best for you.

    • Full Time Affiliated


    • Broker Relationship

The contracting process includes typical pre-hire actions like completing an online application, authorizing a background check, and providing previous employment information. In the past, we have seen this process be completed in as little as two weeks, and as long as a month or so.

While Your Contract is Being Processed...

Attend Weekly Training

Attend in-office training that we host multiple times per week and get engaged with the team while waiting for your contract to process.

Create Your Marketing Strategy

Meet with our Marketing Coordinator to create your personalized Marketing Approach.

Learn About Your New Firm

Familiarize yourself with Thoroughbred's resources and product offers through research and training modules.

Get Your Tech Compliant

Ensure that you have technology that meets compliance standards. This usually includes Apple products and PCs with Windows 10 Pro.

Join Our Team!

Our Director of Selection and Development will work with you every step of the way!

Courtney Schingledecker

Director of Selection & Development

Courtney Schingledecker is the Director of Selection & Development at Thoroughbred Advisors. In this role, she is utilizing her recruiting background to build a team of financial and insurance professionals in the Capital Region.

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