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Our Team Members Come From All Over

Client Centered

Our culture has attracted many experienced advisors from other companies who were seeking a new home to grow their practice. Their wishes for something better came true once they joined the Thoroughbred Advisors family.

We have long stood apart from other firms, for reasons that go far beyond products. As a mission-driven and purposed-filled business, the cause of what we do is as important as the products we sell. See how our combination of culture, innovative sales strategies, and products can fill out your wish list.


You and Your Client Are Our Priority

We have a dedicated local and nationwide team of experienced staff, as well as 24/7 tech support and client servicing resources.


Tools and strategies that help strengthen relationships with your existing clients and develop relationships with new potential clients. 


Personalized and onsite marketing support to help you design and implement a strategy that works for you and your business.

Competitive Commission Structure

Highly competitive commission structure and generous payout grids, with unlimited upside potential and easily attainable minimum requirements. 

A Truly Supportive Environment

Independent yet supportive work environment that enables you to be in business for yourself, but with the backing of a team that ensures you don't have to do it all by yourself. 


With 20+ years of combined industry experience, we know how to supply the support, tools, and resources to help you be successful in a fun and fast paced entrepreneurial environment.

Did you know that Experienced Advisors often have similar reasons for considering independent firms?

Here are a few reasons we regularly encounter when advisors come to us...

  1. Desire to manage YOUR business and take the reins of YOUR future growth.
  2. Frustrated with the lack of payout/noncompetitive compensation and benefits.
  3. Income shrinking as it gets filtered through layers of middle/micro managers and the “company brand”.
  4. Tired of losing a large percentage of your revenue to overpriced office space and overhead.
  5. Freedom of thought and the ability to put your client’s interest first.
  6. Lack of in-house technical and advanced planning support to win large cases.
  7. Unwilling to continue losing big cases that don’t fit “their” business model or capacity.
  8. Wanting a more robust training program to advance your career and get in front of more clients.
  9. An opportunity to partner with less experienced Advisors.
  10. Always dreaming of independence and flexibility in your business and in your life.

If one or more of these resonate with you, we should talk! 


Investment Licenses

You have your SIE, Series 7 & 66 -or- Series 7 & 65, -or- Series 6 & 63, or Series 65 (or the ability to attain).

Insurance Licenses

NYS Life Accident and Health Insurance License (or the ability to attain).

Real Experience

Minimum of 5 years of experience growing and maintaining your own book of business.

Client Focused

Desire to build long term client relationships, and provide them with the best financial service experience possible.

Results Driven

Results driven mindset with the strong desire for performance-driven compensation and growing earnings potential.

Growth Mindset

Passion for new opportunities to grow your individual financial advising practice and drive to continually expand on your knowledge. 



  • Your total compensation is made up of multiple income streams, which could include production driven incentives that enhance your commissions, opportunity to qualify for quarterly and annual bonuses, vested residual payments, new asset compensation, all expenses paid travel, awards, and more. 
  • There is no limit to your earning potential, in fact the more you earn, the more benefits are available to you! Producers can receive additional health insurance subsidy, asset-based compensation allowance, and expense reimbursement account. 
  • Transfer compensation is individually handcrafted to optimize ROI on business you have already secured, streamline your  transition to the firm and give you a running start on this new leg of your career. 




There is more than one way to work with us! We are happy to offer the flexibility that you need to balance your personal and professional life.  

  • Fully affiliate to get the maximum benefits that include health, vision, and dental insurance as well as an Agent Retirement Plan. Waiting period and/or full-time status for benefits may apply. 
  • Add Thoroughbred Advisors, and the companies we work with, to the options that you use to help your clients through a no pressure broker relationship.
  • Become a referral partner, provide introductions to those who could benefit from our financial planning process, then let us do the work for you. This option is only available for those with applicable licenses. 


Start the Contracting Process

Start the Contracting Process

Work closely with our Director of Selection and Development and our Managing Partner to decide which affiliation option is best for you.

    • Full Time Affiliated


    • Broker Relationship

The contracting process includes typical pre-hire actions like completing an online application, authorizing a background check, and providing previous employment information. In the past, we have seen this process be completed in as little as two weeks, and as long as a month or so.


Attend Weekly Training

Attend in-office training that we host multiple times per week and get engaged with the team while waiting for your contract to process.

Create Your Marketing Strategy

Meet with our Marketing Coordinator to create your personalized Marketing Approach.

Learn About Your New Firm

Familiarize yourself with Thoroughbred's resources and product offers through research and training modules.

Get Your Tech Compliant

Ensure that you have technology that meets compliance standards. This usually includes Apple products and PCs with Windows 10 Pro.


Our Director of Selection and Development will work with you every step of the way!

Thoroughbred Advisors Management & Staff

Courtney Schingledecker

Chief Operations Officer

Courtney Schingledecker, Chief of Staff at Thoroughbred Advisors and a visionary leader championing excellence in office and staff management. Discover how she's shaping a brighter future, both professionally and personally.
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Thomas Lynch CFP® ChFC CLU

Managing Director

(518) 608-4608

Thomas Lynch offers securities in CA, CT, MA, NC, NJ, NY, TX, VT, WA.

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Joshua Lochner

Managing Director

(518) 956-0092

Joshua Lochner offers securities in New York.
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