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Financial Planning For Law Enforcement And Other First Responders

As a First Responder, You Deserve A Secure Future and Peace of Mind

As a someone who is in law enforcement and a first responder in New York State, you've dedicated your career to serving your community. In emergencies large and small, when the public needs help, they often look to you. Now it's our turn to help. Here at Thoroughbred Advisors, our team works with you to develop a financial plan that can help protect your future and improve your peace of mind.

Why Work With Thoroughbred Advisors?

Why Work With Thoroughbred Advisors?

After years of serving New York State Troopers, Investigators and Law Enforcement Professionals, other first responders, we have become intimately familiar with your unique financial planning challenges and opportunities. We can help you answer common retirement planning questions you may ask yourself regularly. Questions like:

  • Should I continue to work or take my pension now?
  • Should I utilize the before-tax or after-tax NYS Deferred Compensation?
  • Should I take a reduction in my NYS Pension to protect a loved one?
  • Will there be an impact to leave the NYS Troopers PBA to join NYSPIA as an Investigator?

Financial Solutions and Services We Provide New York State Police Officers and State Troopers

Strategies to Maximize Your New York State Pensions

Your vision is to Serve, Protect and Defend the People While Preserving the Rights and Dignity of All.  Your work is important but inherently dangerous.  For this, the terms of your NYS Pension are extra special.  Often in their 40’s many of our NYS Troopers and Investigators find themselves faced with one of the biggest financial decisions they will ever make.  To retire or not to retire? Which pension option should I take? Will this be enough to supplement my “second” career? Do I even want to continue to work at all?  How will I continue to provide for and protect my family if something should happen to me earlier than expected? We know you and have the greatest respect for you. We can help serve you the way you serve all of us on a daily basis!

Provide Education on How to Utilize the Financial Options Available to Law Enforcement

There are a number of financial tools that are limited because of the danger of your occupation. In our experience many NYS Troopers, and Law Enforcement Professionals overestimate the value of their benefits should a health crisis impact them early in their career. They also often overestimate the value of their pension should they die before they sign their retirement paperwork. Let us educate you on how to protect yourself from the unexpected and leverage the benefits you do have.

Deferred Compensation Education to Create an Optimized Plan

You are part of the NYS Deferred Compensation Plan. This comes with some opportunities and challenges. We can help educate you on some of the features and benefits within your plan.


Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. Find out if we’re a good match for your needs. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to help us get to know each other. We can meet by phone, in-person, or online.

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