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Why Work With a Professional Financial Planner at Thoroughbred Advisors?

We believe that trust is built through radical transparency and personal vulnerability. Like you, we are imperfect human beings, but acknowledging this gives us an opportunity to continually grow and improve. If you believe that Financial Planning is just as much about our humanness as it is about the numbers, we believe you will enjoy working with us.


What is Financial Planning? 

For many, Financial Planning has  become a generic term. At Thoroughbred Advisors we believe that all of our clients desire Financial Security and Prosperity.  Your definition of what that means to you may be different but it is a state that most of our clients would like to be in. Financial Planning is simply the steps one takes to arrive at or maintain your definition of Financial Security and Prosperity. Without the education and proper context, knowing the proper path is difficult.  We provide that education and context to such a precise degree that for many of our clients the “what should I do” becomes very obvious.

What are the Benefits of Financial Planning?

What is your Financial Freedom worth?  What are your dreams worth? What is the Security of your Family worth?  If you place a high value on any of these, than Financial Planning is a process that can help create a means to these ends.  Most of us don’t wake up one day and accidentally achieve Financial Security and Prosperity. It is a purposeful activity that is often described as Financial Planning. 

5 Common benefits people gain by having a financial plan include:

  1. Increase in savings
  2. Confidence in their future 
  3. Achieving life goals like buying a house or retiring on their terms
  4. Ability to build their wealth in more ways
  5. More tax reduction opportunities if planned accordingly 

How Does Financial Planning work?  

At Thoroughbred Advisors, we aspire to be the easy button for our clients. Many Americans have never had an experience where someone asked you important questions about your life and the life of your family and listened with 100% of their attention with the only goal of helping you attain exactly that which you desire. This is where everything starts for us. Us listening and you being heard in a way that you likely have never experienced. 

We've helped our clients answer many financial questions that you may have asked yourself. Questions like:

  • “What should be the main priority when it comes to my finances?”
  • “When do I know if I’ve saved enough?”
  • “How do I know if I’ve invested in the right things?”
  • "Will my money last all the way through my retirement?"

Once we understand what it is that you want, we can begin the education process, usually in a separate meeting. It is our goal to make this the most entertaining and useful education you have ever received. Financial Advisors and Representatives are not necessarily always known to be the “life of the party”, but we believe the experience that surrounds this education is equally as important.

If you value a strong direction with clear answers, you will enjoy our style. You may not ultimately choose us, but we believe you will deeply respect us, learn a ton from us, and know exactly what we believe to be the best path for you and your family.

Common Occupations We Provide Financial Solutions and Services For 

Financial Planning for Teachers

Financial planning for teachers is essential. Teachers are so busy with their students that they sometimes can neglect their financial security. That is why we here at Thoroughbred Advisors work with teachers like you to maximize the financial opportunities available to you.

Solutions for Teachers

Financial Planning for New York State Law Enforcement

Often in their 40’s, many of our New York State Police Officers, and Troopers find themselves faced with some of the biggest financial decisions they will ever make. That is why many of our clients reached out to us for help. Our financial representatives are here to serve you the way you serve all of us on a daily basis.

Solutions for Law Enforcement

Financial Planning for Doctors

You do what you do because you love helping people. Let us help make sure you have a financial strategy that reflects the hard work you've put in on a daily basis and can sustain the lifestyle you've become accustomed to for years to come.

Solutions for Doctors

Financial Planning for Business Owners

We applaud the drive and commitment of small business owners like yourself. While you manage the day to day of you business, Thoroughbred Advisors are here to take care of you and your financial strategy for the future decisions you'll have to make.

Solutions for Business Owners

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