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Meet Courtney Schingledecker, our Chief Operations Officer and the heart of our firm. Her journey at Thoroughbred Advisors began in May 2015, a chapter in our story that has brought new dimensions to our commitment to excellence, community engagement, and the empowerment of all those we serve.

Shaping Our Vision

Courtney's dedication to our mission is evident from the very beginning. She joined us as the Director of Selection and Development, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge in the field of recruiting. With a bachelor's degree from Le Moyne College, with a dual major in Human Resources Management and Management and Leadership; her expertise set the stage for her to oversee office and staff management, recruiting, and more. With an unwavering commitment to building a team of exceptional financial and insurance professionals in the Capital Region, Courtney has played an instrumental role in nurturing talent and fostering growth.

A Pillar of Thoroughbred Advisors

Courtney is not just another team member at Thoroughbred Advisors; she's a core part of what makes us who we are.

As Chief Operations Officer, Courtney oversees crucial aspects of our organization, including office and staff management. She is the guiding force behind our team, ensuring that each member is empowered to thrive and contribute to our shared vision of success. Her expertise in recruiting, honed over the years, plays a pivotal role in assembling a remarkable group of professionals dedicated to our cause.

Life Beyond Work

When she's not working, Courtney enjoys spending quality time with her close family and friends, her wife Miranda, and their beloved pets. This nurturing balance enriches her life and adds a personal touch to her leadership style.

Courtney Schingledecker is more than an executive; she's a living embodiment of our core values and commitment to excellence. Her journey at Thoroughbred Advisors is a testament to the exceptional individuals who shape our company and make it a unique and inspiring place to be.

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