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I love helping and serving others. This is what I enjoy the most about working in the financial services industry. Nothing brings me as much joy as knowing that I have helped someone solve one of their problems, especially in the area of their finances and insurance needs. 

Prior to coming into the financial services industry, I was a high school teacher for a little over ten years. Initially, I went to college to study aviation so I can become a pilot, but quickly realized that I was more of a people person and sitting in an airplane cockpit for endless hours was not going to work for me. Therefore, I obtained a degree in English with a minor in education. I became an English teacher. However, due to the high demand for Spanish teachers at that time and also being a native speaker, I was hired as a Spanish teacher at one of the local high schools. That would be my role for the next ten years, until I found my passion of being a financial professional and insurance agent.

Thoroughbred Advisors is a local and independent financial services firm. This is what I love the most about working here. Independence means that I have access to a lot more solutions for my clients than I would have at other firms. It is such a wonderful feeling to have the ability to offer services and products based on the needs of the clients and not based on the pressure to sell one company's only available solution. This, to me, is priceless.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our two children. In the summer we spend time on the lake, swimming and kayaking. We also love to travel locally and discover cool, new places. Whenever I can, I like to play soccer with friends in a local league.

Luis offers securities in New York.

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