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I've been helping people in one capacity or another for all of my adult life. I also enjoy learning new things. Being a Financial Advisor allows me to help people on multiple levels and I invariably learn new things from each and every new client that I decide to work with. Either I learn from their life experiences as I get to know them, or I end up helping with a unique financial problem that needs research and a little "outside of the box" thinking. Either way, I am expanding my own knowledge as I do what I love best.

Prior to being a Financial advisor, I spent twenty six years as a Trooper with the New York State Police. That was an extremely rewarding career and it enabled me to help countless families and individuals during some of the toughest times in their lives. Since I was able to retire relatively young, I had the privilege of being able to add another career in which I could continue to help people in different ways, and thankfully with far fewer night-shifts!

The Thoroughbred Team has opened my eyes to a true teamwork approach to helping others. We strive to help in all aspects of life, not just finances. I've had financial review meetings that went over-time because a client just needed to talk about something that was going on in their life. Does your small business need a certified audit of the books? We can point you in the right direction. Need a lawyer? We have people for that. (Did you just get a ticket? I may have an idea or two.) The Thoroughbred Team can help in more aspects of life to make things go smoother, smarter, more complete and worry-free than any other place I've ever encountered in my past experience.

I enjoy the outdoors and food-related activities. Hiking with my dog, and making improvements at a little camp I have in the Adirondacks are some of my happiest times. I've also become quite passionate about outdoor cooking... barbeque, grilling and curing of foods. Almost every weekend, I have a new project whether it is achieving the perfect reverse-sear on a steak, or smoking ribs low and slow until they are fall-apart tender. My latest endeavor (always learning) is producing my own Mead, Wine, and Beer. I blame this hobby on the 2020 pandemic, but it has been a lot of fun and I've managed to concoct a few things that I enjoy much more than commercial products.

Mark Curley offers securities in New Jersey and New York.

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